Sustainable Beauty Brand That Believe In Giving Back

If you really think about it, sustainability has been at the heart of Indian household practices for the longest time. Ask your mum or your grandmum about their favourite beauty tip and chances are, they’ll share a DIY skincare recipe with you. Similarly, upcoming Indian beauty brands more often than not, follow the same game plan. They’re not all whipping up formulas in their kitchen but they sure are keeping the zero-waste, sustainability aspect in the frontline of their brand ethos. To get the tea on the most sustainable brands you can add to cart (note: shop responsibly) guilt-free, keep scrolling.


Purearth’s formulas housed in the sleekest, chic black glass bottles and are handmade in the brand’s zero-waste kitchen in Gurgaon, Delhi. Not only is Pureath cruelty-free and the products are reef-safe, but the brand mindfully promotes ethical consumption by only producing small batches of its formulas.

pure, potent & precious

We offer high performance Ayurvedic formulations to nourish your skin & senses.
Ethically sourced, fair trade and Leaping Bunny cruelty free approved.