New Launch! Wild Seaberry Supercritical Oil

Nestled along silvery, glacier fed Himalayan valleys and villages, the precious seabuckthorn berry is a superfruit with a magnificent phytonutrient and EFA profile. Wild crafted and hand harvested by our lovely Ladakhi women at over 13000 feet, the whole fruit is sun dried in the pristine mountain air and supercritically extracted to retain all its nutrient rich properties for intensive repair, healing and skin health.

100% raw, pure and potent, our singular seabuckthorn oil is replete with the rare Omega 7, high content of Vitamins A, C and E, superoxide dismutase (a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals) over 190 skin loving phytonutrients and a host of bio actives. 

Unveil even toned, supple and radiant skin

This powerful oil has scientifically proven results for healing and clearing acneic skin (yes oils do heal acne), rosacea, pigmentation, environmental and UV damage. Helps collagen synthesis, regenerates skin at a cellular level to tone, lift and firm. Safe and effective in healing skin damaged by laser, surgery, wounds, scarring and radiation.



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pure, potent & precious

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