Shatadhauta Ghrita: DIY Ayurvedic Face Cream

What if you could make your very own, 100% preservative free, Ayurvedic face cream with just two ingredients?

Glorious as much as it is a laborious, painstaking labour of love, this is a superbly penetrating face cream with a light as air, luxurious texture. Remarkably high performance, this is a cream that will pacify vata, pitta skin disorders. Do you have acne, dryness, sun damage and hyper pigmentation and looking for a 100% natural DIY solution? Well, here it is! We’ve got you covered with this time-honoured classic recipe prescribed in ancient Ayurvedic texts to soothe and heal your skin concerns.

SHATADHAUTA GHRITA. Shatadhauta (शतधौत ) means 100 washes in Sanskrit, while Ghrita (धृत) means Ghee or clarified butter from the desi Indian cow, also known as A2 ghee because the of the two types of proteins in it. 

Here is how you make the cream.


  • A2 Desi cow ghee (घृत)
  • Purified, filtered water or pure rose water hydrosol, 
  • Solid copper wide plate (with raised sides) around 8 inches
  • Solid coper lota or round bottomed bowl 


Take a solid copper wide plate with raised sides and a solid copper lota or tall bowl along with 50gm ghee and add 50gm water.

Now is where the tedious work starts: it takes a 100 rounds x 100 times to get the perfect cream! Start with your first round of a hundred rotations pressing the ghee and water into the plate to infuse them with the trace minerals from copper.

After each 100 rotations, pour away the water and add fresh 50 gm of water, and continue the process. The texts prescribe clockwise rotations and chanting with a meditative state of mind to raise the vibrational healing energy of the cream.

The ghee will liquify, melding with water and starts to form into cream.

Repeat the process until you complete 10,000 rounds! Yes, 10,000 rounds.  After 4 hours non-stop, I was only at 4000 rounds and it took me 2 days to complete the entire process with some breaks :)

To be honest, this is the most laborious, arduous formation that I have EVER worked on, it takes the whole day and is a test of your patience and passion. What kept me going is the will to learn and follow the exact authentic recipe as prescribed in classical Ayurvedic textbooks.

After completing the 10,000 rounds I had a beautiful cream with a slightly greenish tinge, fabulously cooling and nourishing, with remarkable penetrative powers.

Shatadhauta ghrita is renowned for pacifying vata dryness, hyper-pigmentation and for heaty pitta skin at the same time, cooling the skin and is excellent for acne, burns and closed wounds.    

Transfer the cream into a dark glass jar, and keep the cream refrigerated. With 100 gm ingredients, you will get around 150 gm of cream which should be good to last for around a month for the face, hands and troubled spots!

Let me know if your try it out and how it goes…! I'd love to hear your experience with making this beautiful cream. Kx

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