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Potent, pure and perfecting. These 3 magical ingredients are seriously worth bringing into your life. We're letting you in on some amazing DIY Ayurvedic remedies and recipes using Tulsi, Coconut oil and Pink Himalayan Salt. No fuss, no expense. Tulsi (Ocimum tenuifloru) We present to you this holier - than - thou mother medicine of nature - Tulsi. Aka Holy basil, only better. This wonder leaf banishes acne and blemishes for good and in Ayurveda, pacifies all Doshas and balances disorders

Feeling run down, anxious or overwhelmed? Modern day living can be tough, which is where these guys come in. Chock full of bioflavanoids and adaptogens, Tulsi leaf defends our body against germs, disease and other free radicals. It's one of the best ways to remove the "S" word from your guessed it... STRESS (nearly got you there:)).  Also, you may find it unheard of but this leaf is indeed a miraculous painkiller.  Now for the fun part, trust me when I say the taste of our Tulsi tea infusion will transport your tastebuds to herbal heaven, melting away signs of depression, anxiety, stress and other woes that your day carries with it.  Always make time for relaxation and time-out, it will do wonders for your well-being.

Let's not forget that you can eat it too. {Tip: Try adding basil with coconut oil to your smoothie, we adore 'OhHolyBasil's recipe}

Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera)

The darling of the health world, this oil has been in the media constantly, and for good reason. Coconut oil has several amazing benefits for our health, beauty and energy. It's incredible moisture levels, and medium-chain fatty acids. As it contains Vitamin-E, Coconut oil improves the moisture and lipid content. Forming a nourishing moisturiser for our skin, hair and nails, whilst being used as a natural lip balm that soothes and softens lips.

Reap the rewards of using it in your night time ritual cleansing, as it helps to counteract problem skin, affected by blemishes and acne, as well as being an excellent make-up remover. Both our Mandarin Body Butter and miraculous Rose and Seabuck Face Cream use cold pressed coconut oil, helping to heal, nourish and intensely hydrate skin that's worn out.

Two in one, you can’t complain. To add to its excellence, it has great stability against oxidation, and is a powerful antioxidant.

Gents, we haven't forgotten you. Coconut oil acts as a brilliant shaving foam and post-shave moisturiser to heel those unwanted cuts and rough skin. It's all smooth sailing from there.

Daydreaming of luscious, healthy hair?

Look no further than this multi-tasker itself, performing magic on dry, damaged locks in need of some loving. Use it as a mask or conditioner, whatever your follicles fancy.

Happiness starts in... the kitchen

Why not replace your ordinary oils with the genius when cooking and baking to improve the taste and healthiness of your dishes. 

It’s an excellent kitchen and beauty staple. Note: hold on the caffeine by adding a couple of teaspoons to your morning smoothie for a boost of energy and nourishment.

Hey foodie lovers, we introduce you to the queens of the food blogger sphere and passionate Vegans, Laura and Nona, founders of the blog 'Our Food Stories.' If you're a cake-lover or just enjoy fantastic food, get reading their recipes which are gluten free, vegetarian and vegan. We had the pleasure of being interviewed by Freijadaily (see the interview here) last summer who also interviewed these two lovely ladies. They use coconut oil in the creation of a couple of their delicious dishes. Here's a taster of their mini frozen yoghurt cakes also be sure to check out their wonderful granola bars.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Now, this may sound like the strangest ingredient mentioned, but it truly is as exotic as it sounds. Himalayan salt actually supports weight loss, detoxifies our systems, and balances those crazy hormones that won’t find peace. Experience the endless benefits of this Ayurvedic ingredient in our Body Polish, achieve an ultimate at-home spa experience that primes and polishes the body with Himalayan salt crystals, hand pounded wild Apricot kernels, and Pomegranate. Enticed yet?

Through the fast-paced lives, and city fumes many of us now consume, we can lose that energy, and sprite we once had. To introduce electrolytes and salts back into our bodies, using these little guys can help our organisms come back to life and feel restored. Life is sweet, let’s savour it.

For more in-depth research and information on the ingredients mentioned, have a scroll through the links listed below;


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Photos taken by: Our Food Stories, Kinfolk, Oh Holy Basil, Purearth 

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