The Eco-pot Project

The Eco-Pot Project is a Purearth non-profit initiative to provide safe sanitation for rural Himalayan women and girls. We aim to raise $200,000 HKD on Kickstarter to fund the construction of around 40 twin-pit water seal eco-toilets in 18 hamlets in Uttarakhand, Himalayas.

60.4 per cent of people in India don’t have access to a toilet and a shocking 48.3 per cent of India defecates in the open. Toilets figure in the top three needs for women’s health, safety and security.

Upon completion of fundraising, our partners, Pan-Himalayan Grassroots and the Barefoot Engineers Guild will spend 4 months on construction of the eco-toilets.

Become an agent of change for rural women and girls by backing the Eco-Pot Project on Kickstarter.

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Help us in our campaign to reduce water contamination, water-borne diseases and environmental degradation and bring dignity into the lives of rural women and girls.

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To get involved or learn more, reach out to us at: /

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