The Ubersexual Man

ubersexual (ˈuːbəˌsɛksjʊəl)

A new genre of man who exhibits traditional masculine qualities yet is in touch with his feminine side, He is sensitive, caring and passionate about his principles and beliefs.

In this issue we feature THE PERFECT SHAVE and give you the classic approach plus tips on getting under the skin of a perfect shave. Read on why our BITTER APRICOT HAIR & BODY OIL is the Perfect Companion for it.

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This edition of our newsletter puts the spotlight on RUSSELL BRAND, a man of the modern times. Check out below why we think he is the consummate ubersexual male.

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The secret to the great shave begins with a pre lubricant such as a face oil and is an excellent tool to prep skin and soften stubble for that perfect shave. Remember that heat and steam from a hot wet towel or a hot shower work wonders to open up pores and soften the beard.

Apply a few drops of Purearth BITTER APRICOT HAIR & BODY OIL with soft strokes on the wet face and massage into skin to form a protective barrier between skin and razor. Press a hot wet towel to the cace and left it sit for a moment whilst keeping the pressure so it further softens the beard. Remove the towel an prepare your shaving cream of choice. Apply a small amount to the center of the brush. Dip the tip of the brush into warm water and apply to the beard in circular motions. You are now ready for the shave. Use your razor of choice, always making sure you follow the direction of hair growth and shave with it, then across it and never against it.

When finished, rinse the face of excess cream and apply a cold wet towel to allow pores to close naturally, eliminating the need for alcohol. Use and aftershave balm to moisturize the skin and there you have the method of the perfect shave.


A man who has shape shifted his persona and career over and over again in one trailblazing life. A comic, an actor, a musician, a political speaker and all of the above, he has experienced ups and downs at close quarters and seems to have finally found his feet and a voice that rings loud and clear with passion and conviction. 

Not one to hold back in the slightest, Brand speaks his mind publicly and is socialist at heart but not socialism as most understand it today. Brand wants a revolution in how governments run countries. He talks ideas of egalitarian systems, redistribution of wealth and imposing massive obligations on energy companies exploiting the environment, a matter that's close to our hearts.

With the magnitude of social media exposure, Brand is stirring up a storm, getting some serious attention and we see him impacting social change on a global scale.

Russell Brand is our man in the spotlight.


After a sensational cult followed debut album by Moderat, the trio Sacha Ring (Apparat), Gernot Bonsert & Sebastian Szary (Modeselektor) resurfaced mid 2013 to release the second comign, the perfectly titled "II". The group had a lot to live up to after their first album, and they most definitely delivered! Bringing the listener through emotional passages of connection and feelings that were first experienced in the debut album, only to be more unified and consistent/ It's like the trio used "Moderat I" as a tool to find the sound they were looking for. That sound, is what we at Purearth love right now! We recommend "Let in the Light" for first time experiencers, whilst sitting back with a cup of our smooth, relaxing, soul healing TULSI TISANE INFUSION.

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