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A proprietary Ayurvedic, certified organic supplement that helps cultivate emotional wellbeing, clarity and a calm mind. Prepared in the ancient “bhavana rasayana” method for maximum bioavailable potency. Formulated with select rare and precious herbs.

Combining over 100 years of research and expertise, formulated exclusively for Purearth by the world’s foremost authorities on Ayurveda.

100% USDA certified organic ingredients. Lab tested for toxicity & heavy metals. 

The illustration of Rohini, a constellation symbolised by a celestial lotus, invokes feminine shakti (power), purity (sattva) & wisdom.

Proudly Made In India
Shelf Life: 24 Months (from date of Mfg.)

Take two capsules daily.

Our Supplement Rohini has actively shown to:
+ Reduce mental fatigue, stress & strain on nerves. + Balance the thyroid & hormones, nourish the reproductive system.
+ Improve sleep & memory, settle an overactive mind.

Guduchi – It is good Rasayana herb as it boosts immunity and specially increases strength of (rasa dhatu) plasma tissue in body. Hence it is useful in the treatment of all types of chronic fevers. It improves the function of liver which is the seat of metabolism, therefore it is useful for removing toxins from the liver and good for improving digestion. Liver is intimately connected to many tissues, organs and systems in the body. It removes toxins from the blood before it reaches brain. Therefore for proper functioning of brain, healthy liver is very important. It has calming effects on the mind and hence reduces stress and (chittodvega) anxiety.

Ashwagandha – It is best (rasayana) general tonic for Vata dosha and tonic for all the tissues in the body. It is important herb for preventing disease formation (vyadhikshamatva). It has anti -cancer properties. It works on brain and nerve tissues as well as reproductive tissue. Hence it improves thinking ability and is useful for reducing stress and strain. Latest research has shown that it is useful in the treatment of lack of concentration (unavahita) ADD- Attention Deficit Disorder in children and also good for treating (dainya) depression. It increases sexual power of both male and females and very good and muscle builder.

Brahmi – It is best (Medhya Rasayana) which improves sattva quality of mind and (dhi) intelligence, (smruti) memory, creativity and learning skills. The research has shown that if taken in dose of 5ml daily for one month it improves (indriyaartha) cognition, executive functions and acquisition. It has cooling energy and useful in high Pitta disorders and helps to reduce blood pressure.

Shankhapushpi – It is (medhya Rasayana) helps to boosts memory, concentration and quality of sleep. It is also useful in improving all brain functions like thought, speech and movement. It is useful in the treatment of many diseases where (majja dhatu) brain and nerves gets affected. It is useful for treating various sleep disorders like (anidra) insomnia and (apasmara) epilepsy. It is also used to heighten the sense of clarity and increasing focusing of the mind.

Arjuna – Ayurveda uses the word for describing two organs. The one is situated in (Mastishka) head- The Brain proper and the other is situated in (Urastha) chest- Blood circulating heart.
The text also explains that effects of various emotions and stress and strain affect both these organs. Heart responds by rapid heartbeats (palpitation), irregular heartbeats, pain in precordial region etc. This is the reason that many people suffer from Heart attacks.
The brain responds to this by headache or insomnia. Hence in Ayurvedic tradition for giving boost to Brain both -Medhya Rasayana (herbs that work on intelligence) and Arjuna are used. It is well known heart tonic and cardio protective as it has specific action of giving it strength to the heart muscle and helps in proper functioning. It also reduces blood pressure.

Guduchi (stem) tinospora cordifolia, Ashwagandha (root) withania somnifera, Brahmi (leaves) bacopa moniera, Shankhapushpi (root) convolvulus pluricaulis, Arjuna (bark) terminalia arjuna


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