Qing Cleansing Oil+Kapas Organic Muslin Cloth

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An emerald green cleansing oil marrying Ayurvedic and Chinese practices. A synergistic composition of high performance botanical oils and actives rich in antioxidants to deep cleanse skin.

The Kapas Face Cloth offers deep yet supremely gentle exfoliating and cleansing to lift impurities, pollution particles, and congestion, leaving skin clean, fresh, and balanced. The entire manufacturing process of Kapas is in line with our ethos of conscious consumption, ensuring a low environmental impact including water conservation and our "no plastic" pledge while eschewing the use of dyes, bleach, and chemicals.

Combo of Qing Cleansing Oil 30ML and Kapas Exfoliating Muslin Face Cloth.

Damp skin with the Wild Rose Himalayan Mist and apply 2 to 3 pumps into the palm of your hand. Inhale the calming, earthy notes of vetiver, rose geranium, and melissa. Apply to your face all over the cheeks, nose, lips, lashes, and neck. Take a damp warm wrung Kapas face cloth and press it all over the face. Breathe in and allow the steam to penetrate your pores. Gently wipe away and repeat twice or more as necessary. Finish with a splash of warm water and pat dry with a clean Kapas cloth. We suggest going to bed “naked skin” as often as you can. Follow Qing with the Rose & Seabuck Replenishing Face Cream for a boost of nourished nurturing.

Skin is left thoroughly cleansed, nourished, and evenly toned as pigmentation gradually fades out. Hemp and tamanu oils balance the skin’s sebum production, while the vitamins in the apricot oil gently diminish dullness or pigmentation. Sunflower oil, a powerful carotenoid, combats free radicals caused by external pollutants, which are gently brushed away by moringa and other powerful Ayurvedic herbs with dirt and dead skin cells.

Rasayana, sheeta, madhura, and kashaya herbs like amalaki, moringa, yashtimadhu, and neem balance, calm and cleanse skin while pacifying vata pitta and kapha disorders.

jasminum sambac (mogra) flower water, rosa damascena (taruni) flower water, nymphaea caerulea (blue lotus neel kamal) flower water, pelargonium graveolens (geranium) flower water, cassia angustifolia polysaccharides**, glycerine**, +citronellol, +limonene, +eugenol, +farnesol, +geraniol, +linalool and love.

our heroine botanicals

Moringa (Sigru)
Rich in amino acids. Builds collagen. Purifies and cleanses the skin to combat and cleanse pollutants

Hemp (Bhangā)
Balances the skin's sebum production. Non comedogenic. Perfect Omega ratio nourishes and purifies the skin. Treats acne and inflammation

Nettle (Vrscikali)
A natural astringent and powerful skin and blood detoxifier (kushtgna)


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