ANCESTRAL WISDOM. INDIGENOUS KNOWLEDGE. At Purearth, we have tremendous respect for the Indian science and philosophy of Ayurveda and indigenous knowledge that has been handed down through ancient classical texts and communities. We subscribe to Ayurveda’s codified system of plant and mineral based healing, harnessing the potency of sustainably wild harvested, organic and natural botanicals. Seeking to create harmony and balance between the mind and the body, we draw from its sacred repository that governs the fundamental energies of the macrocosm: our universe and the microcosm: us.

Purearth’s founder Kavita Khosa has practiced Ayurveda for over 20 years and is a certified formulator in advanced organic cosmetic science. She pours her passion and principles into creating high performance, results driven skincare, engaging with Ayurvedic practitioners, naturopaths and aromatherapists to create time- honoured remedies for contemporary living.

CLEAN BEAUTY. Our approach to beauty and wellness does not rely on quick fixes or chemical solutions - we believe that for the external to be beautiful, the internal must be in balance. The secret to beauty and wellbeing at any age, according to Ayurvedic treatises, is in the balance of three elemental energies or doshas: vāta (air & space), pitta (fire & water) and kapha (water & earth). Each of us possesses a unique combination of doṣhas that defines our temperament and characteristics.

pure, potent & precious

We offer high performance Ayurvedic formulations to nourish your skin & senses.
Ethically sourced, fair trade and Leaping Bunny cruelty free approved.