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Building safe sanitation for resource poor communities, especially young girls and women is an initiative that has been close to my heart for decades. After building eco toilets in the Gagas river basin in the Himalayan foothills, our team visited schools in Khed, a tribal area in Maharashtra, India, close to the Purearth studio in Pune. a bumpy journey along a rugged terrain, lush vegetation and the monsoon in full swing, we drove down to the Adarsh Vidyalaya in Amboli village to build new toilets, open a wee library and plant a hundred trees.








welcomed with love

Warmly welcomed by the true brainies of Maharashtra itself, the atmosphere was rich with enthusiasm, energy and ecstasy. Hardworking and dedicated, there was never a point when these young girls and boys let their lifestyle interfere with their determination to keep learning. Proof of the same? That twinkling spark in their eyes that shone the second their sight fell upon Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes novels in the Marathi language, all especially for them.


building blocks of knowledge

Books were circulated, smiles were shared. But this was just the beginning. Team PPF proceeded to cut the ribbon to a safe haven of education and learning for the students and faculty - a new library. A space for one to soak in new vocabulary with a view of the green hills in the distance, the library was sure to grow into a personal favourite for many.

their story

Coming from the most rural and isolated areas, these intellectual young minds were expertly aware of the drastic realities of the world. Their knowledge about the Amazon fires and ongoing floods was richly supported with facts we were blown away to learn. Did you know that the number of fires in the Amazon region rise during April to September, it being the dry season?

The children had lots to share about their personal ambitions dedicated to preserving the environment as they grow older, eventually imparting their knowledge and wisdom to generations to come so the world sees a brighter future. It was in this moment that Team PPF felt true, soul-stirring passion within these little hearts pour out innocently and fervently.


the tree planting initiative

The tree planting initiative followed soon after, witnessing all the boys hack away at the soil and put all their energy into their tools to prove they were the strongest amongst all! Turn by turn, Team PPF joined hands with individuals from Adarsh Vidyalay, passing on the sickle like a baton that symbolized teamwork and friendship for a greater cause. 

the eco pot project

Team PPF experienced the raw village atmosphere unlike any other, driving the school’s sanitation concerns away with the groundbreaking ceremony of the Eco Pot Project. It wasn’t until the huge smiles on the faces of all students and faculty shone so brightly in the afternoon sunlight, that we realized the true extent of their joy.


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