“She who has a 100 husbands” Can you guess who/what I’m referring to?

“Shatavari” (शतावरी) also known as Narayani (नारायनी), a species of asparagus from India. 🌿Shatavari is a medicinal ayurvedic herb native to India and has immense benefits for both men and women.

To list a few of its benefits: 

  • A Rasayana (रसायन) herb, meaning it nourishes and regenerates ALL the 7 tissues or dhatus (धातू) in our body
  • Strengthens the skin and muscles, purifies the blood, builds collagen (बल्य)
  • Imparts luminosity and radiance to skin (varnya)
  • Balances dry vata (वात) and heaty pitta (पित्त ) disturbances making it so effective for dry and acneic skin concerns.
  • It’s taste or rasa (रस) is sweet (मधुर) and bitter
  • Its potency or virya is cooling (शीत)

Though it is beneficial for both men and women, it has added advantages for women. Do you know why this herb is so important for women according to classic Ayurveda texts?

Well, if you don't then here is why!  Shatavari has an excellent phytoestrogen profile. Taken internally it will regulate hormonal imbalances, builds immunity and topically it is excellent to clear the skin, address sun damage, hyperpigmentation issues as well as tones and firms the skin. 

Can be topically applied as an oil, in a powder form as an exfoliant or mask and also taken internally.

If you have dry, rough (vata) type skin, massage this herb in an oil form or mix the powder with A2 pure ghee “ghrita” as a mask. 
For acneic (pitta) type skin, mix the powder with rose hydrosol (rose is both cooling - शीत and astringent (kashaya) कषाय। Apply a thin layer of the paste on the skin. Wash off as soon as the paste is dry. 

I would love to hear how you use Shatavari?

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