‘We are the storytelling animal’  ~ Salman Rushdie

Welcome to Purearth and my blog on all the things that make my world go round!

Purearth is a social venture that connects the dots that are meaningful to me. A platform to foster a culture of conscious consumption, aiming to impact positive social change and creating a link between you, the consumer and the marginalised producer groups we partner with.

Every age has its storytelling form, and blogs are the medium in this age of digital social media. And visuals are a compelling aspect of storytelling; breathing life into words. I grew up in India, in a culture with an ancient and vibrant tradition of oral storytelling and modern day mythological comic books. I had the most amazing English literature teacher at the convent I went to in Pune India, run by Irish nuns. Miss Tucker instilled in me the love of storytelling. The beauty of poetry and prose. I love editorials, writing, and have a voracious appetite for reading and documentaries. All of that came from creating for myself my own inner sanctum sanctorum as a child, where I could lose myself in good writing and books.

The stories and pictorials I post are expressions of what inspires me, my vision, the travelogues and the joy of sharing what I love and why. Its about chasing our dreams!

Kavita xox

Photo taken by Kavita Khosa

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